Being mobile is an absolute necessity in this day and age. Never worry about connectivity or long distance fees. With Spinnaker’s cellular voice plan, you get unlimited Canada wide texting and calling, and 3 GB of data. You don’t have to worry about overpaying or being stuck in rigid contracts. At Spinnaker, our plans are here to match your needs, giving you a refreshing option from the “do-it-our-way” attitude of the other providers.

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Cellular (Bring your own phone)

  • Unlimited Canada Wide Texting
  • Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
  • 3 GB of data


Other Available Voice Services

SIP Trunk

  • Flexible scalability
  • Benefits of VoIP
  • Modular and customizable management of your plan
  • Unified messaging systems
  • Full redundancy
  • Onsite installation and Support


  • Unified Communications Systems
  • Dedicated and secure data connections
  • Modular and customizable management of your plan
  • High definition voice equipment
  • Full redundancy
  • Variety of additional options
  • Onsite Installation and Support


  • Keep your existing Numbers & Equipment
  • Monthly Savings vs Bell/Rogers et al
  • Worldwide Long Distance Savings
  • Over 25 Additional Options
  • Canada-wide Reliability and Quality
  • Canada-wide Support
  • Unlimited expandability