Business Voice

Spinnaker Business Voice service is an affordable way to stay connected to your customers and business partners—whether you’re in the office or away from it. Delivered over secure, fiber-rich network, this service includes more than 25 advanced calling features and a variety of calling plans—giving you the reliability and flexibility that works for your business.

With Spinnaker Business Voice, there is no need for a new telephone number or phone equipment. And you’ll benefit from having all your services from a single provider—all on one invoice.

Choose the calling plan that’s right for your business, including:

  • Unlimited Canada & USA Calling
  • Global Long Distance Packages —pay vastly reduced rates to call more than 55 countries starting from just $.05 a minute

Plus, with non-traditional Spinnaker Business Voice plans, you can manage your phone features:

  • Employees can activate and deactivate calling features such as incoming and outgoing Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and Voicemail 2 Email.
  • Administrators can use the tool to manage group oriented features such as Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups (rollover) and Account Codes, as well as to access online call detail and usage reports.
  • Cellphone & Mobile plans let you create a virtual office so you can stay connected to customers and associates from virtually any device or location:
    • Office Anywhere—Make calls virtually from your office phone number even though you are somewhere else
    • Sequential/Simultaneous Ring—Be reached from any phone or device—whether you’re in or out of the office
    • Personal Attendant—Manage incoming calls with call routing, customized greetings and directories, and more

Technologically advanced, reliable, affordable, and flexible: Spinnaker Business Voice services ensure that you reliably stay connected to your employees, vendors, and customers.

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  • Keep your existing Numbers & Equipment
  • Monthly Savings vs Bell/Rogers et al
  • Worldwide Long Distance Savings
  • Over 25 Additional Options
  • Canada-wide Reliability and Quality
  • Canada-wide Support
  • Unlimited expandability

Other Available Voice Services

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SIP Trunk

  • Flexible scalability
  • Benefits of VoIP
  • Modular and customizable management of your plan
  • Unified messaging systems
  • Full redundancy
  • Onsite Installation and Support


  • Unified communications system
  • Dedicated and secure data connection
  • Modular and customizable management of your plan
  • High definition voice equipment
  • Full redundancy
  • Variety of additional options
  • Onsite Installation and Support

Cellular (Bring your own phone)

  • Unlimited Canada Wide Texting
  • Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
  • 3 GB of data