Become an Affiliate for Spinnaker

There are times when you find a product for yourself and realize, “Hey, I know a lot of people who would enjoy this!”. So you go and tell them about it and they go on to use it. They thank you and say they appreciate it, and doing things for the greater good and helping people is nice and all, but wouldn’t it be nice to get something more? Some sort of extra “You’re awesome!”? This is why we offer the Affiliate Program here at Spinnaker. Through the sales and referrals of our services, you can start making a commission. Not only do you save people money with our affordable and flexible services, you get to make some money as well.

Why become an Affiliate?

Everybody needs phone and internet services, so why not get paid to help refer them to us? Our Affiliate Program is similar to most of the popular referral systems such as Uber, where you get paid just by getting someone else to join and use our products and services. Our services are affordable and flexible and it’s always nice to be able to save friends and family money, while you make some at the same time.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for our Affiliate Program, give us a call at 1.877.642.2200 or follow the button below to our contact form. In the message box write something to us because we want to hear from you, our future affiliate!

Join the Affiliate Program